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What is an Edtech app?

Edtech (Education + Technology) is the combination of education and technology. Edtech apps are apps that revolutionize teaching methods and improve the teaching process, often offering features such as online classes, or choosing a specific teacher, time to study, and even the location where you will join the class.

Importance of Edtech app

Remote Learning

No need to go to schools and colleges to attend boring classes.


Edtech apps provide the facility to study anytime and anywhere.

Choose your own teacher

You can choose a teacher with whom you are comfortable and enjoy studying.

Learn with fun

Learning with fun and gamified activities can help you spend more time studying.

Easy access

You can search and organize your books, notes, etc. and access them anytime easily.

Reduced costs

Online courses are cheaper and save a lot on transportation / accommodation fees.

Features of Edtech apps


Since education requires collaboration, you need to add some essential communication features in your app like instant chats, video conferencing and file sharing.

Assignment submission

Your app should have the feature of tasks assignment and assignment submission etc. to facilitate collaboration between educators & students.

Grade tracking

Students and their parents will definitely love to keep track of grades, so make sure your app has grading functionality as well as flexible and accessible data storage options.

Search & Filter

It will enable you to search and navigate through specific study materials and various options such as classes, calendar, testing and grades.

Enhanced security

Since edtech apps are dealing with learners' personal data you need to provide strong security and follow copyright and data privacy regulations.


Every user likes customization like changing font size, light and dark mode etc. It will also ensure more user engagement with your app.

Types of Edtech apps

  • Immersive Tech

    This is the most surprising category of edtech apps that merge the real world and virtual reality and break down the boundaries between them.

  • Learning Management System

    These apps focus heavily on business solutions for companies and organizations offering educational services, seminars, etc

  • Early childhood learning

    Edtech apps are improving day by day, offering innovative features and experiences to their users.

  • Social-Emotional Learning

    Sudden changes in the modern world affect our emotional and mental health. So social and emotional intelligence has become an essential skill to learn

  • Coding & Technology

    As the demand for app development is increasing day by day due to digitization of various aspects of life, edtech apps can provide lessons on coding and technology that help in learning from an early age

  • Language learning

    Learning a language can be a headache as it is a quite difficult process that requires a lot of effort and time.

  • STEM

    STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. As the demand for STEM professionals continues to increase

  • Online Courses

    Edtech apps under this category focus on providing online courses through online mediums and platforms

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