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Benefits of a Fintech app

Cost Reduction

Fintech apps can help save money on banking and investment fees

Greater Convenience

The fintech app is convenient for your clients to manage their finances easily

Faster approval rate

Fintech developments have made it possible for companies to handle the application within 24 hours


All fintech applications have one thing in common, that is security.

Important features of Fintech apps

Sign Up & Sign In

Registration is a basic feature to add to any type of app, including fintech apps. FinTech apps should provide two-step authentication, biometric authentication / touch, Face ID as they are dealing with very important details of users like bank account details, personal details etc.


FinTech apps often serve their users with a variety of tools. Thus, it would be a good option to have all these tools or their features on one simple and user-friendly dashboard. All the necessary information should be displayed on the dashboard.

Quick transactions

Can a Fintech app work without a payment gateway? Obviously not, so integrate one or more payment gateways so that users can easily transact on your platform. Instant money transfer is another proven feature that you can add to your app to get higher user engagement.

Push Notifications

You can keep your users updated with the latest features and updates by sending push notifications or real-time notifications. This feature can notify users about expenses, payment changes and more

Bank account linking

Many customers want to send or receive payments through their bank accounts. So you can give them the option to link their bank account to your app. Various encryption and security protocols are used to keep bank account details confidential.


Personalization can get the user more engaged with your app. You can allow them to personalize the dashboard according to their needs, change the font size, light and dark mode, etc.

Types of FinTech apps

  • Payment apps

    Payment apps let you make cashless digital payments quickly and securely. It is one of the most prominent branches of the fintech industry that facilitates the process of asset management and various payment transactions.

  • Banking apps

    Over time, many traditional banks are adopting digital technologies to improve their services. These apps reduce costs, enhance user experience and remove the need for various operations that require physical presence.

  • Regtech

    RegTech stands for Regulatory Technology. These apps use advanced solutions for better compliance, identity management, risk management and transaction monitoring to standardize and improve transparency of regulatory processes.

  • Investment apps

    Highly scalable and quality driven apps that allow users to manage their daily expenses and invest in mutual funds. Even inexperienced people can start investing with just a few dollars and even play fantasy stock games.

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