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What is proptech

Prop-Tech (Property+Technology) is a technology used to manage various real estate processes and operations more efficiently and conveniently. All proptech apps and tools are used in the real estate business to improve the way people buy, sell, research, market, and manage properties. It is becoming another hot term in the technology field often referred to as Real Estate tech, Retech, and Realtech.It is one of the hottest and fastest-growing sectors in technology and investments in this sector are constantly increasing.

Importance of PropTech apps


PropTech startups provide landlords with innovative mobile apps that help them automate

Virtual Tours

 Tenants and landlords often face location issues that can be overcome with the help of virtual tours

Time saving

 As all tasks can be done with the help of automation in a single app, the entire real estate business becomes a time saver

Better Occupancy

Proptech solutions use advanced smart algorithms to engage tenants to the most suitable properties listings

Risk Management

Landlords often face risks and need proper analytics to help them make decisions. PropTech apps can help in this regard using smart algorithms


Proptech has allowed customers to track their property transactions and other administrative operations convenient manner

Important features of proptech apps

Easy Login / Signup

Make it easy for users to sign up or log in to your app as Proptech is all about convenience and a highly optimized experience. You can ask for only important fields like name, email or phone number. You can also provide a social login feature that allows users to log in with one click.

Property listing

Property listings are an essential feature of Proptech apps that allow landlords and real estate agents to upload images and lots of information about properties so users can get the data they need without contacting them.

Filter & Search

The real estate market contains a large amount of data and thus filtering functionality becomes a must-have feature to include in proptech apps. It allows users to search for listings, availability, desired property information and more in an efficient way.


To deal with large amounts of data, it is very important to use analytics tools and visualize the collected information on an insightful dashboard so that users can easily make decisions based on the data running on the dashboard.

Push Notifications

You can keep your users updated with the latest updates and new listings by sending push notifications. This will help them stay updated with the latest updates without even opening the app.


You can allow your users to personalize the dashboard, change the font, switch to light and dark mode. This will keep your users more engaged with your app.

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