What is Bubble.io?

Bubble.io is a no-code visual app development platform used to develop SAAS apps, marketplaces and CRMs etc. without coding with the help of drag and drop features. In short, bubble is the most powerful no-code platform for creating digital products.

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Bubble provides hosting for its customers on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud servers or dedicated instances. It provides cloud hosting for every app. Bubble Apps also comes with free automated SSL certificates, multi-factor authentication, and secure infrastructure.

Pixel-perfect design:

Bubble supports fully responsive and pixel-perfect design, allowing builders to adjust all elements to meet any UI/UX. Most of our clients use our Figma design framework and pre-built modules to speed up early builds. One can easily scale and set all the parameters to get full control over the page design and logic.

Fully Extensible:

While Bubble offers a wide array of functions natively, it also works well with third-party services and custom code that add to its capabilities. Through Bubble's plugin ecosystem and flexible API connector tool we can easily add anything from Google Maps to Stripe payments to custom AI algorithms built with code. This scalability increases the power of the bubble to handle any functionality.

Scalable & Secure:

A fully maintained infrastructure is always required for your app that powers your application. Bubble is built on AWS and is constantly monitoring and improving its platform behind the scenes to provide the best experience to its customers. That means 99.9% uptime and dozens of security measures, so your technology will scale and protect you from threats.

Successful companies using Bubble:

Get financing done quickly in the home.
Raised $365M in venture funding
Helps pay off your debt and save money faster.
Raised $1.5M in venture funding
Offers a marketplace for tech and data freelancers
Raised $13M in venture funding
Save time by automating parts of your job search with insights and recommendations.
Raised $5M in venture funding