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AI-based Writing Assistance


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1 Months

Key Result

Efficient essay generation with citation options and personalized style preferences.
Step 1

The Challenge

The challenge was to develop "Writeless," an AI-based essay generator app built using Bubble.io and Chat GPT. The app aimed to offer users the ability to generate essays up to 2000 words with citations in their preferred writing style. Additionally, it provided features for text editing, PDF downloads, and email integration.

Step 2

The Solution

InceptMVP developed "Writeless," app providing AI-driven writing assistance with the following features:

User Features:
AI Essay Generation: Users could generate essays up to 2000 words using Chat GPT AI, with the option to choose different types of essays such as Argument, Formal, etc.
Citations in Preferred Styles: The app offered citation generation in various writing styles, with users being able to define their preferred citation style.
Text Editing: Users could add more text, remove ambiguous content, or further refine the generated essay to their preference.
PDF Downloads: "Writeless" allowed users to download the generated essays in PDF format for easy sharing and storage.
Google Login: Users could log in using their Google accounts for a quick and seamless authentication process.
Sendgrid Integration: The app integrated Sendgrid to enable email notifications on account creation and password reset requests.

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“They went above and beyond to help integrate the APIs with the backend despite this being out of the job scope.”

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