Business Type

Courier and Delivery Services


On-Demand Delivery App


2 Months

Key Result

Streamlined deliveries, Increased customer satisfaction
Step 1

The Challenge

LotGurus, a burgeoning delivery service provider, aimed to create a user-friendly app allowing customers to conveniently order daily essentials for swift delivery. The challenge lay in designing a seamless platform that combined product selection, payment processing, real-time tracking, and efficient delivery.

Step 2

The Solution

InceptMVP harnessed the capabilities of Bubble.io, Figma, Stripe, and Google Maps to bring LotGurus to life. The app offered an array of features:

Product Selection: Customers could browse and select daily essentials through an intuitive interface.
Smooth Payments: The Stripe integration facilitated secure payments, ensuring hassle-free transactions.
Real-time Tracking: Google Maps integration enabled customers to track their deliveries in real time.
Delivery Management: Delivery personnel accessed a separate dashboard to manage orders efficiently.

Technology  Stack



What our clients are saying about us

“They went above and beyond to help integrate the APIs with the backend despite this being out of the job scope.”

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