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Mental Health and


Web & Mobile App


2 Months

Key Result

Empowering organizations and employees with easy access to therapy and mental health resources.
Step 1

The Challenge

The challenge was to develop Grounded Therapy, a comprehensive mental health and wellbeing platform connecting UK-based organizations with qualified therapists and mental health resources. The app needed to provide employees with access to online and onsite therapy sessions, group workshops, and a wide range of wellbeing resources. Additionally, the app required integration with Stripe for secure and convenient payment processing.

Step 2

The Solution

nceptMVP developed Grounded Therapy, a web and mobile app designed to empower organizations and employees to foster a healthier mental health culture. The solution addressed the specific requirements with the following features:

User Features:
Online and Onsite Therapy Sessions: Employees could book confidential and secure one-to-one therapy sessions with qualified therapists. The app also offered group workshops to proactively improve mental health, ensuring individuals find the right therapist for their specific needs.Wellbeing
Resources: "Grounded Therapy" featured up-to-date resources for improving mental health, including mindfulness techniques, stress management strategies, and articles and tutorials on various aspects of mental health. The app embraced a holistic approach to wellbeing.

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“They went above and beyond to help integrate the APIs with the backend despite this being out of the job scope.”

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