Business Type

Real Estate Wholesaling & Investing


Web App


2 Months

Key Result

Successful social networking and event exploration platform, fostering meaningful connections and shared experiences.
Step 1

The Challenge

The challenge was to develop "BuddyUP," a mobile app focused on connecting individuals who want to explore events and activities with like-minded people. The app aimed to provide an easy-to-use platform for users to discover events based on their interests, create their own events, connect with buddies attending the same event, and collaborate with mentors. Additionally, the app needed to be entirely built on and integrated with Stripe for secure payment processing.

Step 2

The Solution

InceptMVP developed "Parsed," a web app providing real estate wholesaling and investing solutions with the following features:

User Features:
Distressed Property Listings: Owners of distressed properties could list their properties on the platform, attracting real estate wholesalers and potential investors.
Wholesale Management: Real estate wholesalers could organize and manage offers received from investors, ensuring effective communication and coordination
Contractor Collaboration: Wholesalers could connect with multiple contractors to improve the condition of the properties, facilitating better deals for investors.
Investor Demos: The completed platform was successfully delivered to the client and used for demos to showcase its capabilities to potential investors.

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What our clients are saying about us

“They went above and beyond to help integrate the APIs with the backend despite this being out of the job scope.”


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