Buddy Up

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Social Networking & Event Exploration


Mobile App


3 Months

Key Result

Successful social networking and event exploration platform, fostering meaningful connections and shared experiences.
Step 1

The Challenge

The challenge was to develop "BuddyUP," a mobile app focused on connecting individuals who want to explore events and activities with like-minded people. The app aimed to provide an easy-to-use platform for users to discover events based on their interests, create their own events, connect with buddies attending the same event, and collaborate with mentors. Additionally, the app needed to be entirely built on Bubble.io and integrated with Stripe for secure payment processing

Step 2

The Solution

InceptMVP developed "BuddyUP," a mobile app for social networking and event exploration, offering the following features:

User Features:
Auto-suggested Events: The app provided users with personalized event suggestions through their "For You" page based on their interests.
Create Events: Users could create their own events, making them open or private, and invite others to join.
Event Search: The platform allowed users to search events by category, location, and date/time for easy discovery.
Buddy Matching: Users could connect with buddies attending the same event, enabling real-time chat and information sharing.
Local, Online, and Metaverse Events: "BuddyUP" consolidated various event types, providing access to local, online, and metaverse events in one place.
Monetization for Events: Users could monetize personally created events as "Gig" events, creating opportunities to earn from their activities.
Experience New Things: The app paired users with unique events based on their interests, encouraging them to explore new activities.
Increase Event Attendance: The platform facilitated filling events with great people, enhancing opportunities for participants.
Collaboration with Mentors: Users could buddy up with experienced mentors to advance their skills and interests.

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“They went above and beyond to help integrate the APIs with the backend despite this being out of the job scope.”

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