Flying Amigo

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Mobile App


2 Months

Key Result

Facilitated budget-friendly flight bookings.
Step 1

The Challenge

The challenge was to develop "Flying Amigo," a travel app focused on providing users with access to cheap flights. The app aimed to offer a seamless and user-friendly experience for travelers to find and book affordable flight options.

Step 2

The Solution

InceptMVP developed "Flying Amigo," a mobile app tailored for travel enthusiasts with the following features:

User Features:
Budget-friendly Flights: The app provided users with access to a wide selection of cheap flight options, enabling them to find the best deals for their travel needs.Flight Search: Users could search for flights based on their preferred dates, destinations, and other criteria to discover available options.
Bookings and Payments: "Flying Amigo" integrated Stripe, allowing users to make secure and convenient payments for their flight bookings.
Notifications: Users received timely notifications about flight deals, promotions, and booking confirmations, ensuring an enhanced travel experience.luctus pulvinar.Senectus vestibulum urna nulla vel non et

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“They went above and beyond to help integrate the APIs with the backend despite this being out of the job scope.”


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