Business Type
Anti-Harassment & Social Platform
Web app
2.5 Months
Key Result
Empowered victims, facilitated legal support, and incorporated social and e-commerce features.
The challenge was to develop "Brasi," an anti-harassment app with four main roles: Survivor (victim), Service Provider (lawyer), Licensee (company), and Admin. The app aimed to empower survivors by connecting them with service providers for legal support. Additionally, it included a Quora-like social platform and an e-commerce store to broaden its functionality.
Step 1
The Challenge
Step 2
The Solution

InceptMVP developed "Brasi," a comprehensive mobile app addressing anti-harassment, legal services, social networking, and e-commerce through the following features:

User Roles:Survivor: Victims of harassment could seek support and legal aid from service providers.

Service Provider: Lawyers and legal experts could assist survivors with their cases, offering individual services or joining a Licensee's team.Licensee: Companies offering legal services could create teams of service providers for collaborative support.

Admin: Admins had control over app management and user access.

Additional Features:Social Platform: "Brasi" included a Quora-like social platform for users to engage in discussions and seek advice.

E-commerce Store: The app featured an e-commerce store for users to access relevant products and services.

The Technology Stack
We use Figma as a UI/UX Deisgn of This App
We use for development of app
Use Stripe as Payment partner in buddy app for getting payment
Use Stripe as Payment partner in buddy app for getting payment
Send Grid
We use Figma as a UI/UX Deisgn of This App
Hands down the best developing team on Fiverr. They go above and beyond their duties! A real project manager and real developers that play a beautiful symphony, everyone in tune with the rhythm of the project.
CEO / scrong
While their developer was in a different time zone, he made the necessary adjustments to accommodate our requests.
Cliff D
Los Angeles, California
We're impressed by how quickly they understood my requirements.
Frankie Phoenix
Brooklyn, New York

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