November 13, 2023

Why build MVP first for my app idea?

You have got an exciting app idea, a vision of how it will revolutionize the digital landscape, and a burning desire to bring it to life. While the enthusiasm is undoubtedly vital, the path to app development success often involves taking a more strategic and cautious approach. That's where the concept of building a MVP comes into play.

What is an MVP?

The Minimum Viable Product (MVP) of an app is the most basic version that includes only the essential features required for functionality and user engagement. It serves as a foundation for iterative development and testing, allowing you to reduce development costs and time while quickly getting a functional product to market. The MVP helps gather real user feedback, validate your app concept, and assess market demand. By starting small and expanding incrementally, it ensures a user-centric approach, focuses on core functionalities, mitigates risks, and provides a platform for future enhancements and scalability.

Benefits of Building an MVP for app idea

Following are the benefits of building an MVP:

1.Validate your idea: An MVP is a version of your app with just enough features to solve the core problem of your target users. This allows you to test your idea with real users and get feedback on whether it is something that they want and need.

2.Cost-Efficiency: Developing an MVP is more budget-friendly since it focuses on essential features, reducing development costs. This approach minimizes financial risk and conserves resources for future development.

3.User-Centered Design: One of the primary goals of an MVP is to gather user feedback. By releasing a basic version of your app, you can learn how real users interact with your product and discover their pain points, desires, and preferences.

4.Attract investors: Investors are more likely to invest in a startup that has a proven MVP. This is because it shows that the team has the ability to execute on their idea and that there is a market for their product.

5.Focus on Core Features: An MVP forces you to prioritize your core features. It ensures that you don't waste resources on bells and whistles that may not be essential. Start with the basics, and expand from there based on user feedback and market demand.

6.Market Validation:Your app idea might seem brilliant to you, but the market's verdict can be entirely different. An MVP provides the opportunity to test your concept and see if it gains traction. This step can save you from investing heavily in an idea that doesn't resonate with users.

7.User Feedback: By releasing a basic version of your app, you can collect real user feedback, uncovering their preferences and pain points. This valuable input guides subsequent development, ensuring that your app caters to user needs.

8.Risk Mitigation:Developing a full-scale app without real-world validation can be extremely risky. An MVP helps you identify potential pitfalls and refine your strategy early, significantly reducing risk.

9.Reduce waste: By building an MVP, you can avoid building features that your users don't want or need. This can help you to save money and resources.

Examples of successful Apps that started as MVPs:

  • Uber: Uber's original MVP was a simple website that allowed users to request a ride from a black car. The company was able to test their idea and get feedback from users before investing in developing a mobile app.

  • Facebook: Facebook's original MVP was a simple social networking site for Harvard students. The company was able to validate their idea and expand to other universities before opening up to the general public.

  • Airbnb: Airbnb's original MVP was a website that allowed people to rent out their air mattresses to travellers. The company was able to test their idea and get feedback from users before investing in developing a more robust platform.

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